Intro and Setup

Intro and Setup

Arcade Game Games

Arcade action games have been around for nearly forty years. These games often have short levels, simple controls, and focus on giving players an exciting difficulty. One early arcade action game was Robotron 2048, while a more recent example is Geometry Wars 3. In both these games, players move around a character and defeat enemies to earn points.

This version of the arcade action game will be inspired by both those games. Players will control a character that moves and defeats randomly spawning enemies for points. To build this game, you’ll learn about the differences between client and server side scripts. After finishing, you’ll have a game that can be played solo or with friends.

Setting Up the Project

Every game needs an environment, it sets the scene for your game. For this series, the environment will be a boxed arena decorated however you like. The walls placed in the arena need to be placed around the outer edge of the baseplate. The enemies will be spawning randomly across the top of the baseplate. If walls are placed too far into the arena, the enemies will be impossible to destroy.

Create a new Project

  1. Open Roblox Studio and click the Baseplate template.
  1. In the Explorer, under Workspace, add a new Folder that will be used to hold all of the parts for the arena.
Keeping Things Organized

Folders are used in all parts of the Explorer to organize objects. Using folders makes it much easier to find objects in your game and use them in code.

  1. Rename the folder Arena. Later scripts will use the Arena folder in their code.
  2. Within the Explorer, drag Baseplate into the Arena folder.

Create the Arena Walls

The arena walls will keep both players and enemy objects from flying outside of the game area. Enemies will be spawning all along the baseplate, so be careful to keep the walls from overlapping with it.

  1. Inside of the Arena folder, create four Part objects named Wall.
  2. Place the walls along the outer edges of the baseplate. Don’t let the walls overlap with the baseplate. Make sure the walls are at least 20 studs high to prevent players from flying out of the arena.
  1. Anchor the walls to keep them from falling.
  2. Change the color and materials of the arena to make it look like your game is in space or outside on a field.

Now that your arena is created, you can start creating a custom character to fly around.

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