Special Effects in Roblox

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Learn how to design special effects in Roblox. Explore the career field of FX artists as students design magical blasts used in a arcade carnival game.
10 and up Game Design Art Special Effects
English 1 hour
ISTE Standards: Innovative Designer 4a, 4c, 4d, Creative Communicator 6b, 6d

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate usage of particle emitters to create special effects.
  • Test, evaluate, and redesign particles to meet a planned vision.

Skills and Concepts:

  • FX Artist - Job career; artists who create visual effects in shows and games.
  • Particle Emitter - An object that creates effects like smoke or fire.
  • Texture - A 2D image used by particle emitters to create effects.

Getting Ready


  • Make sure each student has a Roblox account and knows their login information.
  • Print out handouts (1 per 4 students).
  • (Optional) Go through the whole tutorial beforehand. This should take 15 to 30 minutes.


Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the project and lesson structure.

5 min

Guided Work
Create a Vision

Brainstorm an idea for a magical blast and explosion.

25 min

Guided Tutorial
Studio and Special Effects

Learn how to use Roblox Studio to create special effects.

5 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and concepts learned.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Outline the schedule in Presentation Slide 2. 
  2. Grab student attention by showing Presentation: Slide 3 - 5
    • Students will start with a carnival ride where they defeat enemies. They'll design the special effects for blasters. 
    • Outline the session in Presentation Slide 3
  3. On Presentation: Slide 6, introduce FX Artist
    • Generate excitement and connect with students by asking what games or shows have their favorite special effects and why.
Guided Work - Create a Vision
5 min
  1. Introduce creating special effects by brainstorming a vision.
    • Ask students why having a vision is important before starting a project (ex: help get a clear idea of what to make, having a plan helps you create faster)
    • Students will create a list of adjectives and nouns, then combine them (ex: magical sparks, radioactive slime, etc). Their combination will be inspiration for their effect.
  2. On Presentation Slide 8:
    • Have students brainstorm as a class a list of adjectives and nouns inspired by magical blasts.
    • Once you have a list, have students independently make 3 combinations (either mentally or writing it down). 
    • Have students decide on their favorite (can share with class if time permitting).
Guided Tutorial - Studio and Special Effects
25 min
  1. Set expectations that you'll guide students through a tutorial to make their special effects. Even if they're not finished, they'll have more time in the independent work time. 
  2. Establish guidelines for testing games so students stay focused on creative work. 
    • Inform students they'll get an opportunity to test games while learning. Testing a game should take at most a minute. They'll get time to play later in the class if possible. 
  3. Lead students through the following lessons. Use presentation slides for visuals during steps.
Wrap Up
5 min
  • Recap what students have created and vocabulary: particle emitter, FX artist, texture.

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