Building a Historical Landmark

1 hour

Building a Historic Landmark

Developed by Roblox
Explore history by researching a historical landmark and building it in Roblox Studio.
8 - 10 Social Studies
English 2-4 hours
ISTE Standards: Innovative Designer 4a, 4c, Creative Communicator 6b, 6c

Learning Objectives:

  • Use online sources to gather specific details about a landmark
  • Apply research to plan out a landmark design and construct it using 3D models and landscapes
  • Evaluate the scale of a landmark in Roblox Studio and use observations to ensure realistic proportions

Skills and Concepts:

  • Pre-production - Planning out projects, such as drawing sketches, to create in a software like Roblox Studio
  • Scale - The relationship between a real life physical object and it’s 3D representation

Getting Ready


  • Make sure each student has a Roblox account and knows their login information
  • Have lesson tutorials somewhere students can access, like as bookmarks on their computers
  • Print out handouts
  • Collect images of ancient wonders or landmarks to present in the Introduction


  • Windows or Mac Computer with Roblox Studio installed
  • 2 button mouse with scroll-wheel
  • Handout: Roblox Studio Cheatsheet
  • Paper and pencil per student

Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the project and lesson structure.

15 min

Guided Work
Creating a Plan

Have students research a historic landmark and collect details to build in Roblox Studio.

1 hour, 30 min

Independent Work
Creating Landmarks

Students will go through tutorials as needed for their project and use that knowledge to build landmarks.

10 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and share student work.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Grab student attention by presenting images of historic landmarks.
    • Point out may not be able to visit or see many of these landmarks - may be damaged or expensive to travel there.
    • Call out students will get to make their own historic landmark to explore in Roblox!
  2. Outline the steps in creating the historic landmark.
    • Will first use the internet to research a landmark and creating a planning drawing.
    • Using the drawing, will re-create that historic landmark in Roblox Studio.
Guided Work - Creating a Plan
15 min
  1. Lead students through Planning the Landmark - Researching a Landmark.
    • Ensure students have specific details written down. If a detail is not specific (Has a roof), ask guiding questions about shape and color for specificity (Roof is orange, square tiles).
  2. Continue with Planning the Landmark - Creating a Plan.
    • If students finish quickly, encourage them to add at least two more details or draw the people they would expect to live near that landmark based on research.
Independent Work - Creating Landmarks
1 hour, 30 min
  1. Lead students through Planning the Landmark - Setting Up the Project.
  2. Explain that students will independently go through tutorials to learn about Roblox Studio based on what they need in their landmark.
  3. Set criteria for the final project:
    • Should have all details created from their planning drawing.
    • The landmark should be of realistic scale when play-testing.
  4. Allow students to go through the following tutorials to prepare for building their projects:
  5. Have students work on creating their final projects.
    • Remind students to playtest with their character and check the scale and proportions of their structure. Point to their reference images collected in "Creating a Plan" if needed.
Wrap Up
10 min
  1. Recap what students have created and vocabulary: pre-production and scale.
  2. To showcase work, have students trade seats with a partner and let them explore their world.

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