Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship

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Digital citizenship is a set of skills and behaviors for positive online experiences. This article provides a broad overview with questions for reflection.

Digital Identities

As you play and socialize online, you create a digital footprint, a trail of your actions and the peers around you. These footprints are often connected to real life names and relationships. Being mindful of your identity and privacy can lead to positive footprints.

Creating an Online Identity

In Roblox, your avatar, or digital presentation can be anything. A superhero, fashion star, a spooky monster - you name it. Being a digital citizen means you’re comfortable with your identity and help others be happy with their own.

  • Define Yourself - Don’t feel pressured to conform to a look that’s popular or one that your friends will like.
  • Reflect Before You React - Talking about avatars and digital identities can be fun. Share positive comments, not shame or put-downs. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.

Practice positive identities by bringing up a random Roblox avatar (such as your own character). Ask the following questions.

  • What are positive ways of describing or commenting on this avatar? 
    • E.g. "Where did you get that hat - it's cool!" "I like the way you combined different pieces …"
  • What is an example of something that would be negative, or shaming to say?
    • E.g. "That avatar looks weird. I liked your last avatar better"

Practicing Privacy and Security

Protecting your privacy online will help prevent potentially harmful events, like having an identity stolen. To protect yourself, always learn about a platform’s privacy practices and settings. On Roblox, don’t share personal information, even if it’s with a friend. Even simple information, like an email, can lead to someone finding your real life identity.

Examples of personal information include:

  • Name, age, gender identity, where you live.
  • Contact or social media information (Emails, social media usernames, etc).
  • Roblox Account information (E.g. passwords).

To protect your accounts, keep in mind:

  • Make your password hard to guess — If your username is “bloxcool,” your password should not be “bloxcool123.”
  • Roblox employees will never ask for your password — Report anyone who asks using the Report Abuse feature.
  • There’s no such thing as free Robux — Never trust players or sites who say they have a way to get free Robux!

For comprehensive resources on and privacy features, check out Parents, Safety, and Moderation.

Online Communities

Roblox is a great place to meet new people, hang out with friends, and play together. Part of what makes online worlds fun is friendly interactions, like helping someone. By being positive and proactive, everyone can contribute to an online community.

Building Positive Culture

Treat being online as you would real life. By being kind to others, they’ll be kind in return. If everyone follows this standard, it creates a culture where kindness is the norm.

  • Find Ways to Participate - Ask others for help on a quest, share gameplay tips, or strike up a conversation.
  • Be Calm and Open-Minded - Just like real life, disagreements can happen. Always treat others as you would in real life. Take a step away from the computer if you feel stressed or wanting to say something rude.

Being Proactive

While a negative situation can happen, like bullying, you and others can personally take steps to address that.

  • Don’t Engage - Most people engaging in negative behavior online do so for fun, so don’t give them the reaction they want.
  • Support Those Affected - If you noticed someone bullied, offer them support. Ask them about their favorite part of the game. Don’t talk about the person harassing them. It’s better to redirect the conversation to something positive and move on, than continue focusing on a hurtful incident.
  • Take Action and Report - After observing harassment, report it so Roblox moderators can take action. Reporting is quick, simple, and anonymous.

Further Resources

  • Roblox Blog - Updates regularly with different articles on digital citizenship and wellbeing.
  • Roblox Community Rules - Guiding principles on how to interact in Roblox with topics such as chatting, customizing avatars.