Intro to Roblox

Intro to Roblox

Start the course by learning digital safety tips while being online. Then, start creating an obstacle course using Roblox Studio, the software used to make all Roblox games.
10 and up Game Design Digital Citizenship
English 1 hour
ISTE Standards: N/A

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the difference between private and personal information
  • Be able to identify unreliable information in games.
  • Manipulate 3D parts to create an obstacle course.

Skills and Concepts:

  • Private Information - Real life name, age, and other information that shouldn’t be shared online.

Getting Ready



Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the project and lesson structure.

10 min

Guided Tutorial
Intro to Digital Safety

Introduce topics like protecting private information and finding reliable information online.

15 min

Guided Work
Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt

Go through a Roblox game to identify unreliable information online.

25 min

Guided Tutorial
Intro to Roblox Studio

Teach the basics of using Roblox Studio while building a simple obstacle course.

5 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and concepts learned.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Introduce Roblox Studio by playing the Obby template. Explain to students that they will be:
    1. Making their own obstacle course that others can play.
    2. Learning ways they can have fun while being safe online. 
  2. Outline the sessions in the course
    1. Start of first two days will include lessons on digital safety and citizenship.
    2. Rest of the sessions will include developing a game, practicing positive communication skills by giving and receiving feedback, and finding ways to create an uplifting community by helping others in their class. 
  3. Explain today's session will be learning the basics of Roblox Studio by building an obstacle course.
Guided Tutorial - Intro to Digital Safety
10 min
  1. Lead students through a lesson on digital safety using Presentation: Digital Safety.
Guided Work - Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt
15 min
  1. Have students open Game:  Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt. Make sure to send students to a private server created for that game. 
    1. Provide students the Handout: Digital Safety Scavenger Hunt.
    2. Give students about five minutes to explore and collect information on their handouts.
    3. (Optional) To help students, you can leave the Presentation: Digital Safety - Slide 5 up so students can see the four clues. 
  2. As a class, discuss unreliable information found in that game. 
    1. Make connections to other relevant content students may see online (news websites, social media apps, other games, etc). 
    2. Encourage students to use the four clues noted in Intro to Digital Safety and explain why information is unreliable. 
Guided Tutorial - Intro to Roblox Studio
25 min
  1. Lead students through the following tutorials:
    1. Project Intro & File Setup
    2. Basics of Roblox Studio
    3. Parts and Platforms
    4. Colors and Materials
  2. As you teach, keep in mind the following:
    1. Remind students to rotate their camera view to get an accurate view of their project
    2. Encourage students to use the Explorer, a foundational skill in Roblox Studio.
    3. If parts fall or disappear when playtesting, remind students to turn Anchoring on for that part.
Wrap Up
5 min
  1. Recap what students have learned about digital safety, such as private/general information and ways to spot unreliable information.
  2. If there’s time, allow students to showcase work by trading seats with a partner and playing their obstacle course.

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