Lights and Polish

Lights and Polish

Developed by Roblox
Personalize the obstacle course with special effects and work on implementing feedback and improvements.
10 and up Game Design World-Building
English 1 hour
ISTE Standards: N/A

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore visual design by adding post processing effects such as lighting.
  • Practice digital citizenship in real life by being active in helping others with troubleshooting in-class.
  • Reflect on experiences with digital safety to understand how it connects to day-to-day life.

Skills and Concepts:

  • Post Processing Effect - A special effect that changes a games look and feel.

Getting Ready



Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the project and lesson structure.

15 min

Guided Work
Implement Feedback

Implement a change in their game from feedback they received previously.

5 min

Guided Tutorial
Post Processing Effects

Show how special effects can dramatically change a game’s look.

30 min

Independent Work
Work on Projects

Spend time adjusting the look and feel or change the layout of the obstacle course.

5 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and concepts learned.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Grab student attention by showing them some of the before/after pictures on the Post Processing Effects page.
    1. Students today can add special effects to their obstacle course.
  2. To continue practicing digital citizneship, introduce "Ask 3 Before Me". 
    1. If you need help, ask three peers before asking a teacher. If you see someone in need of help, be active in helping them.
    2. Opportunity to practice digital citizenship in real life by helping peers. 
Guided Work - Implement Feedback
15 min
  1. Remind students about giving each other feedback - will now take time to make a change in their game based off the goal they wrote down in the previous session
    1. Help students 1 on 1 if they're reluctant to make changes on feedback. Remind them making changes can help their game. 
Guided Tutorial - Post Processing Effects
5 min
  1. Before giving more work time, going to show students how to improve their game's look and feel. 
  2. Show students the different post processing effects available in Post Processing Effects.
    1. In this case, just show students where they can add an effect and explain each one. Students can independently explore each one in the next activity.
Independent Work - Work on Projects
30 min
  1. Introduce Ask 3 Before Me - students ask 3 peers for help before asking the teacher.
    1. Call out this as an opportunity for digital citizenship and upstanding - if someone sees another struggling, ask if you can help. 
  2. Explain that students can use this time to either continue working on their obstacle course or to add special effects.
Wrap Up
5 min
  1. 1. Recap what students have created and vocabulary: Post Processing Effect.
    2. Have students reflect on the topics of digital safety since the first day. Ask questions to spark conversation:
    • "Has anyone found anything online that they were supcicious of? In social media, a game, or in a chat? Why were you suspcicious?"
    • "If your parents or a friend sent you something supcicious, how would you tell them you're worried about it? What clues could you tell them about?"

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