Educator Training

Educator Training

This course introduces you to Roblox, preparing you to feel confident in using Roblox as an educational tool. Training, which includes setting up a Roblox account and software on your device, will take 30 to 45 minutes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to implement Roblox software and accounts in a classroom.
  • Identify where to find resources, such as standards-aligned learning materials and handouts.
  • Practice playing a Roblox experience to learn basic controls and common Roblox concepts.

Download our Quick Start guide. This document covers all the steps needed to start a classroom, such as account and software setup. It also includes a collection of useful resources like links to technical support


Does this course teach me how to code or create using Roblox?
This course serves as an introduction to Roblox as a platform and educational tool. After this course, we’d recommend finding lessons plans in our Content, that address how to code and create in Roblox.

Can this course be counted as professional development or offer any formal certifications?
Not at the current moment, although we are investigating this option.

I have questions about this course. Who can I ask?
You can contact the Education team.

Course Modules

Module Description
1. Getting Started Learn about the Roblox platform and common concepts.
2. Playing on Roblox Create your account and play an experience.
3. Setting up Classrooms Covers account and software setup.
4. Running Classrooms Tips and resources on running a successful classroom.
5. Next Steps A collection of useful resources, handouts, and guides.

Ready to Start?

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