Featured Educator Application

Applications now closed. Applications for 2021 will open in December

Featured Educator 2020 Application

Every year Roblox brings attention to those educators going above and beyond in the classroom. These yearly featured educators are called out directly on our corporate website and will receive a special badge of recognition among other benefits.

Benefits of Being A Featured Educator

  • Placement on our corporate education page.
  • Call outs on our social media channels, newsletters, and in PR.
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming features, resources, and events.
  • A special icon for use on your marketing materials proclaiming your status as a Roblox Featured Educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals apply?

  • Yes. You can nominate yourself as an individual or as an organization.

Can I apply if my programs hasn’t launched yet?

  • Unfortunately, your program must have officially launched prior to your application. We encourage you to contact us to be added to our general list of educators once your site is up and running.

How many students do I need to have to be eligible?

  • At least one. If you’ve taken the time to make a difference in even one student’s life, feel free to apply.

Are online programs eligible to apply.

  • Yes.

If I was a featured educator in a previous year, do I still need to reapply?

  • Yes.

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