Intro to Coding and Game Design

Intro to Coding and Game Design

Developed by Roblox
Get students creating and coding their first game in Roblox. Learn how to build an obstacle course and code color changing blocks.
10 and up Computer Science Game Design
English 2 hours
ISTE Standards: Innovative Designer 4a, 4c, 4d, Creative Communicator 6b, 6d

Learning Objectives:

  • Manipulate 3D parts to create an obstacle course.
  • Design and playtest a game, focusing on a fun user experience.
  • Create scripts using variables and loops for in-game visual effects.

Character looking at game for Intro to Game Design lesson in Roblox

Skills and Concepts:

  • Variable - A placeholder for information in code.
  • String - A variable that can store whole sentences, written in quotations.
  • Loop- A set of code that repeats until told otherwise.

Getting Ready


  • Make sure each student has a Roblox account and knows their login information
  • Print out handouts
  • On your computer, load the Obby template to show students in the Introduction


Lesson Overview

5 min

Classroom Overview

Introduce the project.

30 min

Guided Tutorial
Intro to Studio

Introduce the basics of Roblox Studio by building the first few pieces of an obstacle course.

60 min

Guided Tutorial
Intro to Coding

Create scripts that change the colors of a part in game.

20 min

Independent Work
Finish Student Projects

Let students catch up or continue building their game.

5 min

Wrap Up
Wrap up

Recap the lesson.

Lesson Plan

Introduction - Classroom Overview
5 min
  1. Introduce Roblox Studio by playing the Obby template. Explain to students that they will be:
    • Making their own obby that others can play.
    • Learning coding to create color changing parts to decorate their obby with.
Guided Tutorial - Intro to Studio
30 min
  1. Lead students through the following tutorials:
  2. As you teach, keep in mind the following:
    • Remind students to rotate their camera view to get an accurate view of their project.
    • Encourage students to use the Explorer, a foundational skill in Roblox Studio.
Guided Tutorial - Intro to Coding
60 min
  1. Inform students that they'll now start coding to add to their game.
    • Remind them that they will have time to continue working on obstacle course after coding.
  2. Lead students through the following tutorials:
Independent Work - Finish Student Projects
20 min
  1. Have students catch up with their coding projects. If finished, give them time to work on adding more to or improving their obstacle course. Each game should have the following goals:
    • A player can reach the end (with a reasonable level of difficulty).
    • Have a balance of easy and difficult jumps.
  2. If time, two students can play-test each other's games and offer feedback.
Wrap Up - Wrap up
5 min
  1. Recap what students have created and vocabulary: variable, string, loop.
  2. Ask two or three students what they would add to their game to improve it.For example, a more visually interesting endpoint or more challenging jumps.

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