Session Lesson Plan

1 - Roblox Studio Basics

Developed by Roblox
Introduce students to the course and projects they'll be working on. Then, develop foundational skills such as manipulating parts and creating scripts by creating a simple obstacle course. Once these skills are mastered, students can go on to code an adventure game in later sessions.
10 and up Computer Science Game Design
English 1 hour
ISTE Standards: N/A

Learning Objectives:

  • Manipulate 3D parts to create an obstacle course.
  • Create scripts using variables and loops for in-game visual effects.

Skills and Concepts:

  • Variable - A placeholder for information in code.
  • String - A variable that can store whole sentences, written in quotations.

Getting Ready


  • Make sure each student has a Roblox account and knows their login information
  • Print out handouts
  • Download and load the Adventure Game for the Introduction


Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the project and course.

35 min

Guided Tutorial
Roblox Studio Basics

Teach the basics of using Roblox Studio while building a simple obstacle course.

15 min

Guided Tutorial
Creating Scripts

Introduce coding by creating a script that displays text.

5 min

Wrap Up

Recap the lesson and concepts learned.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Grab student attention by playing an example of the finished adventure game.
    • Players explore a world to collect items and upgrade their backpack.
    • Call out that students will create and customize the game to their own vision (e.g. collecting cupcakes in a fantasy world or harvesting iron on the moon).
  2. Outline the sessions in the course
    • First two sessions focus on developing skills in game design and coding by making practice projects
    • Will spend rest of sessions developing an adventure game
  3. Explain this session will be learning basics of Roblox Studio by building an obstacle course
    • Obstacle course will be for practice, but can include elements of it in their adventure game.
Guided Tutorial - Roblox Studio Basics
35 min
  1. Lead students through the following tutorials:
  2. As you teach, keep in mind the following:
    • Remind students to rotate their camera view to get an accurate view of their project
    • Encourage students to use the Explorer, a foundational skill in Roblox Studio
Guided Tutorial - Creating Scripts
15 min
  1. Lead students through the following tutorials:
    1. Creating a Script
    2. String Variables
Wrap Up
5 min
  1. Recap what students have created and vocabulary learned: variable and string.

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