Session Lesson Plan

5 - Finishing the Adventure Game

Developed by Roblox
Take time to catch up on previous lessons and prepare the adventure game for others to play. Students should evaluate if their game meets the goals of being fun, challenging, and bug-free; redesigning or improving their game as needed.
10 and up Computer Science Game Design
English 1 hour
ISTE Standards: N/A

Learning Objectives:

  • Practice game design by changing variables like starting gold or spaces to make the game challenging, but fun.
  • Test their game according to specific goals, reflect on changes needed to be made, and implement improvements.

Picture of player using tool to collect cupcake in game

Skills and Concepts:

  • Challenging, But Fair - Game design concept. Players should be challenged, but not frustrated or punished during a game.

Getting Ready


  • Write the game goals on the board: Games must be:
    • Fun
    • Challenging
    • Error and glitch free

Lesson Overview

5 min


Introduce the goals for student games and ability to catch up or take projects forward.

15 min

Guided Tutorial
Getting the Game Ready

Make minor changes to their game and take time to playtest with a peer.

30 min

Independent Work

Catch up on previous lessons, expand their game with improved environments, or more items to collect.

10 min

Wrap Up

Recap the course and share games.

Lesson Plan

5 min
  1. Explain that today is an opportunity to catch up or further develop their game.
  2. Regardless of what students work, will want to evaluate and redesign their game to meet specific goals:
    1. Fun - players enjoy playing, want to keep playing
    2. Challenging - players have a challenge but aren't punished or overly frustrated
    3. Error and glitch free - no script errors, unusual looking parts/visuals, etc.
Guided Tutorial - Getting the Game Ready
15 min
  1. Lead students through Getting Your Game Ready.
    • Playtesting is optional. Depending on your class, that time might be utilized for students to catch up on their projects.
Independent Work
30 min
  1. Have students either catch up on lessons or further develop their final projects.
    • As students work, their actions should help them meet the goals for today (fun, challenging, error-free).
  2. If students feel finished, you can encourage them to:
    • Add additional items or upgrades.
    • Use the terrain tools to expand and improve their environment.
    • Add decorative parts that fit their environments theme.
    • Have a friend play their game and get feedback.
Wrap Up
10 min
  1. Wrap up by leading a class discussion. Ask one of more of the below prompts.
    • One thing that was challenging but how they overcame it.
    • Something they're proud of in their game and why.
    • An example of how another student helped thi improve their game.
  2. To showcase work, have students trade seats with a partner and let thi explore their world.

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