Teaching Remotely with Roblox Studio

Teaching Remotely with Roblox Studio

As educators, we understand the importance of having meaningful and collaborative learning experiences. With schools and teachers responding to COVID-19, Roblox is proud to offer free lesson plans that foster creativity and teach computer science in our online, collaborative platform.

Our platform allows for students to collaborate in real time, building and learning as they go. To get started, explore our lesson plans, which are ISTE-aligned and include a variety of subjects to suit different topics and age groups.

Free Webinars for Educators

Roblox will offer free, online webinars for educators to learn how they can incorporate Roblox Studio into their existing remote classroom curriculum. These interactive, one hour sessions will be offered twice monthly through May and will be open to up to 1,000 educators each. Click the button below to see our schedule and sign up.

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Tools for Teaching Remote

Setting up Roblox

Install software, create free accounts, and get connected.

Interacting Online

Foster a positive culture when learning remotely.

Collaborate Together

Build, code, and chat online with Team Create.

Private Servers

Setup servers for classes or students.

Explore Different Lessons

Depending on your needs, Roblox Studio has a wide variety of premade lesson plans, great for different ages and subjects.

Single Session Lessons

Try out Roblox with these stand alone lessons. Learn something new in less than an hour.

Story Games

Use strings and variables to create your own story.

Coding Language Arts
Galactic Speedway

Build your own spaceship and race it with friends.

Art & Design Game Design

Ages 10 and Up

Lessons below focus on project-based learning with Constructionist principles. Students are able to explore tools in a structured way and produce unique projects they can share with others.

Create an Obstacle Course

Practice design thinking by making an obstacle course.

Game Design Creativity
Build Historical Landmarks

Research and create a landmark to explore with peers.

History Research Skills

Ages 13 and Up

For those with more computer experience, explore game design and computer science with these lessons.

Game Developer 101

Build a game all while learning computer science and design.

Coding Game Design Creativity
Coding Fundamentals

Explore basics such as variables and if/then statements.

Computer Science

Advanced Material

Geared towards a high school audience, these lessons focus on computer science.

Computer Science Concepts

Learn about algorithms and abstractions.

Using Roblox to Teach AP CSP

Teach computer science principles using Lua.

Discover and Learn with Games

Many Roblox games offer educational value, such as allowing students to roleplay jobs like being a veterinarian, explore historical sites, or experiment with rocket physics. Check out these hand-picked games to play with students, or use them to kick-start a lesson of your own.
Explore Games

Tips to Teaching Remotely

Teaching with Roblox introduces unique opportunities. When running a remote classroom, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Set Expectations Early - Whether it’s how students interact together, or taking turns building a collaborative project, set expectations before starting a lesson. Encourage students to create expectations with you for greater buy-in. For example, expectations like “Don’t change someone’s work without permission”, can make collaborative building fun and easier.
  • Prep Log-in Practices - Depending on your classroom, students may need up to 3-5 minutes to login. Additionally, come up with a system so students track their own Roblox usernames and passwords.

To help you run a remote classroom, we recommend the following curated resources:

  • ISTE.org - 10 strategies for online learning during a coronavirus outbreak.
  • Edsurge - Coronavirus Has Led to a Rush of Online Teaching. Here’s Some Advice for Newly Remote Instructors
  • Roblox Education FAQ - Answers to questions about accounts.

Questions and Support

  • Need advice or help getting started? Contact the Roblox Education team. 
  • Want to talk to other educators? On Twitter, use #robloxEdu to post questions or share your cool creations with others. 
  • Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on Roblox Education.