Setting Up A Roblox Classroom

Setting Up A Roblox Classroom

Hardware Requirements

Roblox Studio is the essential building tool for Roblox games. To run this free software, you need:

  • A PC or Mac computer. Roblox Studio cannot run on Chromebooks or mobile devices such as smartphones.
  • Internet access. This allows us to keep the software up to date and gives you the opportunity to save your projects to your Roblox account.
  • A free Roblox account. Roblox Studio is free to use and does not require a license.
  • A 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel is recommended.
Device Recommendations

For the best performance, we recommend either a computer less than five years old with a dedicated video card, or a laptop less than 3 years old with an integrated video card. For more information go to: Roblox System Requirements.

Installing Roblox Studio

  1. Download Roblox Studio:
  2. If prompted, allow Roblox Studio to make changes to your computer and to communicate through your firewall.

Creating Accounts

Every student using Roblox Studio will need their own free Roblox account. We recommend that students create accounts before the class and bring their username and password written down. Roblox does not offer account management tools yet so it’s important that students manage their accounts individually.

If you’re completely new to Roblox, sign up and remember these safety tips:

  • Never share your password, even with a real life friend.
  • Make your password hard to guess — If your username is “bloxcool,” your password should not be “bloxcool123.”
  • Roblox employees will never ask for your password — Report anyone who asks using the Report Abuse feature.
  • There’s no such thing as free Robux — Never trust players or sites who say they have a secret way to get free Robux!

For more tips, please see Keeping Your Account Safe.

Be Mindful of Two-Factor Authentication

Some students may have Two Factor Authentication on their accounts, meaning to log into Roblox Studio, they’ll need to access their verified email to get a unique code. For under-13’s, this will be the parent email address.

Running Roblox Studio

Start Studio

  1. Click on the Roblox Studio Icon.
  1. Log into Roblox Studio
Issues Logging In?

Check the Roblox Studio Troubleshooting page. If you’ve also forgotten your password, take these steps to reset your account.

Close Extra Windows

The first time you launch Roblox Studio, extra windows might open up that you don’t need right now. Closing the extra windows will give you more space to see what you’re doing.

  1. Open a new template, like the Starting Place. Roblox Studio comes bundled with templates that include partially made games and worlds to explore.
  1. Close all windows on the left side of Studio by clicking the ×. If you don’t see anything to close, go to the next step. The windows you’ve closed will now remain hidden even if the program restarts.
About the Toolbox

One of the windows you are closing is the Toolbox, a collection of art, sound, and code created by the Roblox community. It’s recommended that students do not use the Toolbox as it can be potentially distracting. Instead, emphasize building content from scratch so students can get greater ownership of their project.

  1. Leave the Explorer window on the right side open. Make Studio look like the image below.

Running a Classroom

Creating Guidelines Together

Using Roblox in the classroom can be exciting but it’s important to set some ground rules to create a fun learning environment. Whenever starting a new Roblox classroom, we recommend that you create classroom rules together with your students. By giving students ownership over the rules they create, they’ll be more likely to follow them.

Some common rules that can be introduced:

  • Treat each other and equipment with respect.
  • Ask others for help and be willing to help others.
  • Don’t playtest or play games without teacher permission.

To learn more about setting up classroom expectations, check out our lesson on teaching Digital Citizenship.

Communicating About Roblox

Below are resources that can you use in running a Roblox classroom, whether you need to communicate with parents or school administrators, or advertise your Roblox offerings.

Trust and Safety Brochures

Handout describing Roblox safety, privacy, and educational benefits.


Marketing Materials

Get official Roblox art, logos, and branding guidelines.


Handouts and Resources

To help make learning easier, we’ve created these handouts for students to use. Depending on the lesson, we recommend having one printed out for at least two students.

Roblox Studio Cheatsheet

Includes common terms, hotkeys, and tips for using Roblox Studio.

Lua Coding Cheatsheet

Explains vocabulary and lines of code used when programming.


Troubleshooting Education Networks

List of URLs and ports to whitelist if you're using firewalls or proxy servers.


General Roblox Studio Issues

Solutions to common issues, like logging into or starting Roblox Studio.


General Connection Problems

Covers problems like games not loading or "Could not connect" errors.


Firewall and Router Issues

Issues with firewalls, routers, and antivirus programs.


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