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Roblox provides educators with engaging experiences where students can explore, collaborate, and learn through creative expression.

Why Teach With Roblox?

Standards Aligned

With a growing collection of experiences offering immersive learning across grade levels and subjects, Roblox educational partners and developers bring curricular standards-aligned, relevant, and game-based learning to the global Roblox community.

Free and Open

We’re constantly working to make it easier and more convenient to use Roblox in classrooms and other educational settings so that students everywhere can benefit.

Lightweight Tech

Our application requires very little bandwidth to download, install, and run.

Student Device Compatible

Roblox is available on many devices ranging from computers to mobile phones and tablets, as well as Xbox consoles. Through the Roblox Community Fund, we will continue to invest in our cross-platform compatibility and support for lower-spec devices.

Engaging and Immersive 

Enhance your curriculum with 3D educational experiences that leverage what students love most about Roblox: creativity, collaboration, and social interaction.

The beauty of Roblox is that it can be delivered as project-based learning modules, and another very unique advantage is that it allows children to observe the results of their code almost instantly.

Han Son, Education Specialist, Koding Kingdom

In Roblox, we see a powerful platform that will allow us to design an experience that entertains and educates in equal measure. The platform accommodates the optimization and access needs of K-12 institutions. The frictionless multiplayer features are also a huge help—real-life competitive robotics events often have thousands of participants, so Roblox also gives us a turnkey avenue towards massively multiplayer interaction.

Dan White, Chief Executive Officer, Filament Games

We believe Roblox provides an amazing opportunity to meet students where they enjoy to be, and that the collaborative, engaging nature of the platform makes learning fun and relevant.

Jason Rausch, Senior Vice President of Programs, Project Lead the Way

Photo Courtesy of Seth Ponder, Riley High School

How to Teach With Roblox

Discover resources, best practices, and sample lesson plans to incorporate Roblox experiences into your classroom.

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Educational Experiences

Whether it’s for teaching math, science, or history, Roblox can bring concepts to life in ways that immerse students and motivate exploration, play, and deep thinking. Discover our most popular educational experiences.

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