Bring Immersive Learning Opportunities to Your School or District

Educators can now use classroom-ready, standards-aligned experiences on Roblox for free. We are now registering for our pilot program.

Engage and Innovate

Help your educators bring deeper learning opportunities to their lessons with a standards aligned collection of educational experiences on Roblox. Through playful experiences, simulations, and collaborative projects, educators can tailor their lessons to suit the unique needs and interests of their students. This energizes the learning process and also equips educators with resources that promote 21st-century skills, digital literacy, and creative thinking. School leaders who support the use of Roblox in education can transform the traditional classroom into an exciting and innovative environment that motivates students to meet learning objectives.

3D avatars of students on Mars with a robot in background

Play With a Purpose

Jump into an educational experience and have fun while you’re learning about school-relevant topics.

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Pilot Roblox in Your Classroom

Connect with us and get more information about how you can be one of the first schools to try out Roblox’s educational experiences in your classroom.

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Teenage students in a school computer lab
3D Avatars of students interacting in front of a black board

Learn About Safety and Civility Standards

Find out about the systems and tools in place that help protect our community.

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Get to Know Roblox

Experiment with controls in a single player environment and learn about common terms and gameplay types in the “Getting Started with Roblox” experience.

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