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We look for educational partners who can leverage our platform to bring their curriculum to life in a way that’s interactive, engaging, and social.

Why Build on Roblox?

We Have Students’ Attention

Every day, tens of millions of students come to Roblox to learn, explore, and share experiences in immersive 3D worlds, making it a powerful tool in the classroom.

We’ve Got Your Back

We offer several resources, opportunities for funding, and dedicated developer relations support.

We’re Collaborative

We’ll work with you on the development, strategy, and execution of your experience to ensure it’s true to your vision.

Partner Resources

Photo courtesy of The Museum of Science, Boston

Get Inspired

Discover ideas to get educational developers started on Roblox. Check out levers of engagement, topics to explore, and themes that leverage our platform. 

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Develop In House

If your team has the engineering bandwidth, you can build your educational experience in-house using our free creation engine, Roblox Studio.

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Partner With a Developer

Educational organizations can partner with a developer or development studio to outsource the creation of your experience.

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Developer Documentation

Learn more about coding, modeling, and designing with Roblox Studio.

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